ResinK8 is an abstract artist based on the English Coast in Cornwall. Renowned for her experimental natural and ethereal aesthetic three-dimensional “paintings”. 
Lustrous like glass, her creations effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities.

ResinK8 takes inspiration from her surroundings in the English countryside and the stunning coastal scenery near her home. Although relatively new to the art scene Katey has always been a part of the creative world, running her own highly successful business designing bespoke hand made equestrian apparel.
Her passion for the arts started early on in life and art was one of the subjects she excelled at throughout her education, but it was a passion for competition horse riding that shaped her early career.
Rediscovering her passion for creating art has lead to a full-time career with commissions of her work in private collection across the world.

"From day one I was hooked! I have a very positive outlook on life and am a very passionate, happy person". "If it’s something I enjoy I will give it my all and I’m super excited for the future ahead as an artist to see how far I can push my creative limits".