Marek Dutka

Born on a train in 1978 in former Czechoslovakia. Marek Dutka graduated in 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. During his studies, he spent time at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.
Dutka's work has been exhibited in both national and international venues including The Royal Academy of Arts in London, and more recently at The Searcys Club Gallery. His paintings are in numerous private collections, including the private collection of HM Queen Elizabeth II. In 2012 his painting was among finalists for the VUB Foundation Award for Painting for Young Artists exhibited at the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. Marek Maria Dutka now lives in London.

Dutka’s main focus is the detailed exploration of space through patterned geometrical figures. His ‘Citadel’ series is characterised by the unusual addition of patterns of miniature fish, energetically swimming beneath strong graphics which might otherwise appear static. He follows an exacting method to give his pieces their element of realism: after the initial sketches, he physically constructs his imagined figures in three dimensions, using these models to observe light and shadow. Finally, the artist’s fantastic visions are given tangible form on canvas, eerily life-like in full colours.

Marek Dutka Interview