Introducing Sarah Lowe March 16 2018, 0 Comments

We first came across Sarah's work at an exhibition at East London Studios, part of the Little Big E10 Art Fair – a diverse array of creative gems that dazzled and delighted, all displayed under one leaky roof in E10. We are delighted to now have Sarah as one of the Hatch family, we will be offering her original work and a series of limited edition prints.

Sarah Lowe is an artist from the East London suburbs. Her paintings are based on her observations of figures in and around London, often in stations or busy areas around the city at busy times of the day. Rush hour gives a sense of people moving routinely without being aware of those around them. Her paintings evoke conflicting feelings of detachment and intimacy inviting the viewer to catch snapshots of lone figures moving through public spaces.
Highly contrasting light and shadows shown from unusual angles are a vital component of her present compositions and muted colours add to the sense of the narrative mystery.

Artist Sarah Lowe - Girl with the hat

H: Where does your interest in art come from?
SL: I spent my childhood doodling and drawing, then at secondary school my art teacher was really encouraging. I was, as most teens are, slightly bored by everything and everyone, so finding art, a subject that I was good at and actually enjoyed, improved life for me and probably everyone around me at the time.

H: Your first ever experience of ‘art’
SL: When I was a child my mum, who loved art, put a poster of ‘Children’s Games’ by Pieter Brueghel up on my bedroom wall which I found slightly unsettling but fascinating.

‘Children’s Games’ by Pieter Brueghel

H: What inspires you?
SL: I’m inspired by light and how it can continually alter anything it touches. I have previously been more of an abstract artist and its only in the last 5 years that my work  become more figurative. Unusual angles and shadows from high vantage points are a big draw to me at the moment. I love a birds-eye viewpoint and like to pretend I’m a spy whilst collecting my images.

H: What's your process like?
SL: My process does vary but figures generally start with photos I have taken, often in train stations or from bridges, but I also use fashion magazines and my imagination. I tend to edit these and play with the colours to give a narrative that suits the figure. Most of my figures have a shadow, sometimes this is taken from the photo but often it is a construct. The backgrounds are an absorption of abstract shapes and colours which continually change as I work. The process of painting can be frustrating but I have become far more accepting of happy accidents.

Artist Sarah Lowe - Girl with coffee

H: Do you have a dream commission?
SL: Commissions slightly panic me, I really don't like the feeling that I might let someone down and feel like I should be able to read the mind of whoever is commissioning me.

H: How do you deal with creative block?
SL: Creative block is usually sorted by either being inspired by a good exhibition or if that fails painting after a few glasses of wine at night, not sure what that says about me.

H: If you could make a list of your favourite contemporary artists, who would you pick?
SL: Chantal Joffe, Brett Amory, Ryan Hewitt, Peter Doig and Jenny Saville. Fantastic artists that I’m in awe of.

H: Banksy.....any thoughts?
SL: Banksy? I think she's underrated........

H: What are you working on next?
SL: Presently working on a series of ‘City boys and girls’

H: Outside of art what makes you the happiest?
SL: Long lunches with family and friends and a good playlist in the background. Sunshine and swimming in the sea. Singing loudly to music on my headphones whilst running. A bit clichéd but I suppose things you love usually are.

Artist Sarah Lowe - Summer Breeze

H: Do you have a creative hero?
SL: Spike Milligan, Nina Simone, Picasso, funny, brave and wildly creative. Equally, there are those that are quietly creative in their everyday lives.

H: How would your friends describe you?
SL: Probably unrepeatable, certainly not printable.

H: We are bombarded every day by bad news, what one thing would you change in the
world if you could?
SL: A little more equality would improve most peoples lives

H: If you were to tag yourself on HATCH, what 3 words would you use?
SL: Shadowy, atmospheric, muted

H: Ok last one......tell us a secret?
Oh no, I don't think so!

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