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We are delighted to welcome Jay Jones to the Hatch Art Limited Editions family.
Jay's latest work will be online and exclusively at showing at Metal Box Factory, Southwark, London until December 2017.

"A time tinged with an abstract threat of apocalypse and utopian visions of ‘starting again’ in new galaxies"

Jay graduated from Falmouth Art College in 1995 with a first class BA (Hons) in Fine Art. In 2000 she started teaching art whilst continuing to create and exhibit her own collections. Jay’s work is always evolving across themes and media, a constant is the combining of objects and references found in junk shops, museums, old books and icons of visual culture from paintings of the old masters to nostalgic science fiction films. Jay work's with these old sources to create new stories and worlds.
Jay Jones

In this new series of work, Jay introduces imagery from the science fiction of her mid-20th-century childhood. "A time tinged with an abstract threat of apocalypse and utopian visions of ‘starting again’ in new galaxies". "Though at first, these references seem worlds apart from my other sources of inspiration, they’re all part of a visual language that describes and documents our histories and journeys". Old tapestries in museums illustrate the same intrepid imagination and meticulous craft as more recent science fiction and technologies. Jay is developing a playful iconography that threads through these time-traveling references – black holes that might be portals or thought bubbles?; frayed fabrics that are technical but fragile; gold leaf detailing showing a precious moment in time. "I’m interested in the idea of world-making through drawing, of becoming a master of these imagined utopias in times that are deeply unsettled and saturated with unreadable ‘information’".

H: Where does your interest in art come from?
J: My mother is an artist so I grew up with art being an important part of everyday life. I was encouraged to draw - I was expected to! My mother’s ambition was for me to go to art college which is cooler than being expected to become a doctor or a lawyer. The world is a safer place with me being an artist.

H: First ever experience of ‘art’?
J: I loved seeing the painting mum had done when I go back from school.

H: What inspires you?
J: Things I see in galleries, museums, junk shops and markets. I love finding unusual photographs or objects that have ended up in a market, sometimes it’s sad because you know you are looking at personal memories of someone who has died.

H: What's your process like?
J: Drawing from resources from different times and cultures and interpreting them through different visual languages. I create new stories from old found images.
The way I draw embroidery or tapestry mimics the stitch marks. The holes and spacecraft or astronauts feel more like graphic design or technical drawing.

Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL. 
HAL: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't-do that.

2001 A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick

H: Talking of astronauts, you are a big fan of '2001 A Space Odyssey' the 1968 epic science-fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. What is it about that film in particular that inspires you?
J: I saw it when I was 10 so it had a big effect. I love the soundtrack, the quiet moments, the weirdness and disjointed elements. The difficulty in trying to completely understand it is continually fascinating. I love films that don't tell you everything, it's like looking at a painting and the enjoyment of seeing or noticing something else every time you look at it. I'm embarrassed to say that I cry every time I see it and often I draw to the soundtrack. it's my desert island choice!

H: What would be your dream commission?
J: Massive drawings for NASA! Or for the V&A textile rooms, putting the references back where they came from.

H: How do you deal with creative block?
J: I draw my way out of a block, or I take my dog Frida for a walk and talk to her about some ideas, she’s a good listener.

H: If you could make a list of your favourite contemporary artists, who would you pick?
J: Fiona Rae because she has inspired me to use different languages of paint and drawing and pattern making, her work is so luscious. Peter Doig because the way he hides and reveals figurative elements in his layered paintings is sublime.

H: Banksy…..any thoughts?
J: No, not really. I love street art though

H: What are you working on next?
J: I am developing ideas for some circle shaped drawings, this will be a challenge but it relates to some ideas I have about thought bubbles and embroidery hoops! I want to celebrate how traditional craft methods inform my work.

H: Outside of art what makes you the happiest?
J: Being with family, walking Frida, watching films, going to the pub for lunch and staying until supper!

H: Do you have a creative hero?
J: Nobody in particular …I like to keep open to the new ideas that can come from anywhere.

H: How would your friends describe you?
J: I think they would say funny, creative and a good cook!

H: We are bombarded every day by bad news, what one thing would you change in the world if you could?
J: Encourage everyone to draw. Drawing is like thinking and helps us see things from a clearer perspective.

H: If you were to tag yourself on HATCH, what 3 words would you use?
J: Combinations

H: Ok last one......tell us a secret?
J: I don’t know who Banksy is

Come and meet Jay in person and see her work at HATCH ART FAIR 19th October 2017 - Metal Box Factory - 30 Great Guildford St, London, SE1 0HS.
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Artist Jay Jones - Faded     Artist Jay Jones

2017 - Hatch Art Fair
Metal Box Factory - London - 19 October

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Solo ‘spotted’

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Canford School. solo ‘spotted’

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Bude Castle Gallery ‘not of our time’

2015 - Shaftsbury Art Centre.
Solo ‘new paintings and drawings’

2013 RWA
Open exhibition

2010 - Canford School Gallery
Solo show “Borrowed again”

2009 Winchester College Gallery

2008 - Canford School Gallery
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2001 - Charterhouse Gallery
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1996 - Towner Art Gallery
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1995  - Slaughterhouse London
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